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Wholesale Distributor of Promotional Beach Towels

Logo Beach Towels is a micro website owned and operated by Ameritex Industries. We built this website to simplify the process of buying custom printed beach towels. Here's the full story:

We were founded more than 25 years ago as a wholesale linen manufacturer (still a major part of our business). About 10 years ago we started applying logos and other designs to our products with screen printing and embroidery. We found that our conservative, detail oriented company culture was a perfect fit for the promotional products industry.

Why you MUST be detail oriented when working with promotional products

When you work with a decorating process like screen printing, you need good systems and procedures. Without them, the wrong logo is printed on the wrong products and delivery is made after the deadline. Mistakes can be costly and customer relationships ruined.

Because we have good systems and procedures, working with customer logos is a joy. Every day brings beautiful logos and great brands into our lives. We've worked with exciting new startups, mid-sized companies that are the backbone of our economy and steady old brands that have been household names for years.

What most of our customers have in common

Regardless of industry or status, our customers tend to have three things in common. First, they're looking for cheap prices on quality promotional beach towels sold in bulk. Second, they want wholesale pricing that's easy to understand. Third, they want to know that their order will be competently managed. We excel at all three.

How to know if we're the right supplier for you

If your answers are "yes", "no" and "yes", we genuinely believe there isn't a better wholesale distributor of promotional beach towels for you. If your answers are anything else, there's probably a better vendor out there for you. We can't be much more straightforward than that.

Logo Beach Towels